How schools can make data-driven decisions with dashboards

Data dashboards are essential for marketing, enrolments, and leadership Right now, your school is accumulating more and more data. Every student, parent and staff interaction creates more data points.  Marketing and enrolment professionals can gain valuable insight into their campaigns and school community from all this information.   A single data point won’t [...]

COVID-19 Support Resources

COVID-19 FAQs Synergetic continues to strongly support our Users during this challenging period, where a number of schools are working remotely and have implemented distance education. We have set up a WIKI page to address the more commonly asked questions and issues during this period so that we can capture [...]

School Board Report

Bring your School Analytics to life A key to financial viability and sustainability in your school is excellent budgeting and board reporting systems. Synergetic and Microsoft Power BI surface this data so your school leadership can govern with confidence. Enter your details to download [...]

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