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Gold Package

  • Base Implementation and Training
  • 1 Sys Admin

  • 2 Supported Users

  • Synergetic Core Database

  • Synergetic Web Options

  • Community Portal with MyDetails

  • Synergetic Services
    Crystal Scheduler, Docman Importer, Notification Services

  • New Kiosk App
  • Core Current & Future Students

  • Core Past Students

  • Core Medical Records

  • Core General Ledger

  • Debtors
    Receipting via BPay and CreditCards

  • Creditors

  • Address Validation

Diamond Package

  • Gold pack plus
  • Additional Supported User

  • Attendances

  • Assessments

  • Excursion Management

  • Automatic Class Charges

  • Integrated Enrolment Deposits

  • Purchase Orders

  • Asset Register

  • Development and Fundraising

  • Communications

  • Objects Core

  • Ecommerce Receipting
    Via Online Payment Gateway

  • Online Applications (Limited)

Platinum Package

  • Diamond pack plus
  • Additional Supported User

  • Study Periods

  • Parent Teacher Interviews

  • Co-curricular / Staff & Student Scheduling

  • Staff Substitutes / Daily Organiser

  • Advanced Activities and Sports Team Management

  • Human Resources **

  • Core Sales Shop Controls
    With Inventory Control and Consignment Stock

  • Payroll**
    Including Staff Kiosk and Timesheets

  • Event and Functions Management
    Including Public Events Bookings

  • Objects Property Maintenance and Bookings

  • Online Applications Dashboard

  • Online Applications (unlimited)

All Synergetic Packages include:

  • Timetabler / Edval Integration (equivalent to Timetabler Direct Database Integration)* (requires Staff Substitutes)
  • Timetable Import
  • Secondary School Qualification Authorities (VIC, WA, QLD, SA, ACT, NSW)
  • Governing Body Regulatory Authorities (VIC CEO Primary and Secondary, NZ MOE Primary and Secondary)
  • Base Implementation and Training

PLUS Package = 3 modules from next package (**If selected in Plus Package count as 3 modules)

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