Packages to suit your needs

Every school is different. We want to give you a choice and help you find the option that’s best for your school. That way, you can tailor your Synergetic management system to meet the unique needs of your community. You can choose from our:


Let us help you select the best package:

Gold Package

  • Base implementation and training

  • 1 Sys admin

  • 2 Supported users

  • Synergetic core database

  • Synergetic web options

  • Community portal with MyDetails

  • Synergetic services
    Crystal Scheduler, Docman Importer, Notification Services

  • Core current and future students

  • Core past students

  • Core medical records

  • Core general ledger

  • Debtors
    Receipting via BPay and credit cards

  • Creditors

  • Address validation

Diamond Package

  • Gold pack plus
  • Additional supported user

  • Attendances

  • Assessments

  • Excursion management

  • Automatic class charges

  • Integrated enrolment deposits

  • Purchase orders

  • Asset register

  • Development and fundraising

  • Communications

  • Objects core

  • Ecommerce receipting
    via online payment gateway

  • Online applications (limited)

Platinum Package

  • Diamond pack plus
  • Additional supported user

  • Study periods

  • Parent teacher interviews

  • Co-curricular / staff and student scheduling

  • Staff substitutes / daily organiser

  • Advanced activities and sports team management

  • Human resources **

  • Core sales shop controls
    with inventory control and consignment stock

  • Payroll**
    including staff kiosk and timesheets

  • Event and functions management
    including public events bookings

  • Objects property maintenance and bookings

  • Online applications dashboard

  • Online applications (unlimited)

All Synergetic Packages include:

  • Timetabler / Edval Integration (equivalent to Timetabler Direct Database Integration)* (requires Staff Substitutes)
  • Timetable Import
  • Secondary School Qualification Authorities (VIC, WA, QLD, SA, ACT, NSW)
  • Governing Body Regulatory Authorities (VIC CEO Primary and Secondary, NZ MOE Primary and Secondary)
  • Base Implementation and Training

PLUS Package = 3 modules from next package (**If selected in Plus Package count as 3 modules)

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