Empowering Education
through world-class Management Solutions

Synergetic is a longstanding school management solution originating in 1978. Since then, we’ve expanded and enhanced the functionality of our software to meet a greater diversity in operational requirements.

Our Community

Synergetic’s central community approach links all modules into a core database of information, ensuring consistency in your data and efficiency in your school’s operations.

Though our industry-best software, proven implementation and experienced support, you can be confident your organisation is investing in the leading education management system.

Synergetic is an Education Horizons Group company

Through the diverse offerings of its solutions – myEdOnline, OMNILINK, SchoolPRO, SEQTA Software and Synergetic Management Systems – EHG encompasses everything your school needs to operate in the most effective way possible.

Each solution is underpinned by a team of highly qualified, experienced and long-standing staff, demonstrating that the synergies between brands reach beyond their complementary product offerings. This rich foundation of knowledge, combined with a customer-first attitude, enables our teams to deliver unparalleled, gold-standard service experiences to clients.

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