Synergetic Attendance Kiosk

Know who is on your campus at all times – with Synergetic Attendance Kiosk’s easy sign-in / out option for students and visitors. Automatically record, resolve and reconcile student attendance in Synergetic using your existing attendance configuration.

How the Student Attendance Kiosk works

  • Easily register sign-in and sign-out attendance events, and co-curricula movements, via iPad at key locations around your campus
  • Students independently sign-in and out by scanning their student ID, or searching their names in the system
  • Print student and visitor sign-in / sign out slips by connecting the Synergetic Attendance Kiosk to compatible printers
  • Automatically record late arrival and early departure absence events – and resolve unexplained absences in Synergetic consistent with your school’s attendance configuration, via API integration
  • Supervise student movements by capturing attendance at co-curricular activities and unscheduled lessons
  • Independently set up as many Attendance Kiosk iPads as you like with Synergetic version 70.13 or higher via self-service
Download Synergetic Attendance Kiosk app


Hardware iPad 12.9inch screen or higher
Synergetic Version Synergetic 70.13 or more recent
Configuration Via Synergetic Attendance module set-up and CoreAPI
Additional Set-up Self-service (when Attendance in place)
Access/Availability Access vis the App Store
Compatible Printers Epson TMT88Vi-581 with Bluetooth