After fantastic feedback from our experienced users, we are pleased to introduce Synergetic Workshops, designed specifically for our intermediate to advanced users.

Synergetic Workshops

Take a deep-dive with our workshops specifically for experienced users

In a group environment, you’ll collaborate, network and actively work through real-world scenarios that draw upon your experience and knowledge in order to solve the tasks.  
Whilst our lab courses are aimed at introductory users, Workshops are for attendees with a minimum of 12 months experience within the specific Workshop topic. 

The scenarios were fantastic, as they provided very real-world situations, with life’s quirks.

John Weymouth, Fintona Girls School

I enjoyed the team work and working with others to solve the scenarios presented in the workshops.

Lucia Tabacchiera, Mount Lilydale Mercy College

It was really useful seeing how other schools might approach the same scenario differently.

Kathryn Logan, Australian School of Performing Arts

Available Workshops

  • Auto-Tuition

  • Creditors & Purchase Orders

  • Group User Security

  • Timetabling

  • Absences & Attendances

  • Pastoral Care

  • Medical

  • Communications
Workshop Calendar

Custom Training

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or don’t know what would suit you best? Our Training Consultants are here to assist. We can arrange customised training for your team that focuses on their specific learning requirements, roles and your school’s processes.

Got Questions?

To find out more or to submit your training request, please don’t hesitate to email our Training Coordinator at, lodge a request or phone (03) 9803 8000.

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