As the environments of educators and school administrators have become increasingly complex, the Synergetic suite of programs has grown to accommodate these needs.

Victorian-based Support

Supporting our clients more effectively

As the first port-of-call for our clients, the Client Support team respond to a wide range of issues, from the relatively simple to the highly technical. The team is continually adapting to the changing needs of our clients.

Due to the breadth and depth of knowledge required in the team, we identified the need for a new type of role that would bring the requisite skills, avoiding having to refer more complex tickets outside of the department. This has led to quicker resolutions for clients and less interruption to other teams.

We welcome this invaluable role of Technical Lead—with it comes senior developer knowledge, additional mentorship and training for the team. The role liaises closely with other technical teams including developers and product managers.

In the few months since inception, the team has gone from strength to strength.

Successes of the new appointment

  • Collaborating with team members to provide technical expertise to assist with ticket resolution.

  • Technical investigations into the behaviour of the system in various client environments.

  • Developing automated scripts for transforming tax tables from ATO format to Synergetic format for importing, together with extensive automated testing.

  • Creating a suite of diagnostic scripts which can test for many known scenarios very quickly and automatically fix previously diagnosed scenarios.

  • Diagnosing and identifying numerous minor bugs and supplied code fixes.

  • Assisting the Systems Team to perform client upgrades during peak demand periods.

  • Working with the Development Team, to identify bugs and providing code patches.

  • Coaching team members (especially new staff) and capacity building existing members.

  • Providing update scripts to provide data correction as needed.

Meet the team

The support team is now 18 strong—you will notice many new voices when you contact us. Our Technical Lead is playing a crucial role in settling in our new team members and we feel confident that clients will see quicker ticket resolution, more accurate and detailed responses, and continual improvement in product quality.

Synergetic Support has members based in both Victoria and Western Australia.

Synergetic User Hub

We’ve also given our Synergetic User Hub a facelift, so you can now easily find links to everything you need.  Navigate to book a course, join our Discourse community forum, lodge a support ticket via JIRA Service Desk (supported users only) or find our latest documentation on recent releases. There is a plethora of information available in the knowledgebase articles in the User Hub, so if you encounter an issue or have a question, look here first.

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