The road ahead: A message from our CEO

The team at Synergetic have always been committed to our customers’ success. That is why we remain focused on improving the Synergetic application so it continues to meet the evolving challenges of School Management, Finance, HR, Payroll, Administration, Collaboration, Reporting and Analytics.

This pages provides insights to the priorities that our Development and Engineering teams are working through. They also provide direct access to Discourse where our customers can see the latest status of each project and discuss the scope directly with our Developers.

These enhancements continue to pave our way to the future adoption of cloud based, mobile and responsive technologies.

Simone Dawson

Upcoming Priorities for Development

Synergetic Product Roadmap

Agile Development Priorities

The Roadmap highlights the key features and improvements Synergetic has selected following review of client feedback around areas of high desire and value for clients.

Feature prioritisation and scheduling

We anticipate there may be additional improvements not currently illustrated on the roadmap, such as government and compliance related requirements.

  • Where new requirements of this nature are raised, they may be deemed as having a higher priority subject to the nature and impact to clients.
  • The size of each Roadmap bubble is an indicative representation of the scale of the development relative to others.
  • A larger bubble represents a feature that we anticipate will have a larger or more complex scale of effort compared to smaller bubbles. The larger the bubble, the greater the overall effort involved.
  • We’ve used this representation to help provide clients with some insight into how a given feature’s development cycle compares to another, as this will also be a factor for delivery order and timelines.
  • The sizing is indicative only, as the exact scope of each feature is not determined until nearing its commencement.

Track record: A look in the rearview mirror

Synergetic feature improvements delivered

  • My Details – Confirmation of Details

  • Excursions

  • Web applications – independent security review

  • Community Portal responsive skin (Flex)

  • SIF Integration and data sharing capability

  • Interface Settings in web

  • Timesheet approval – view by Reporting line

  • HROnboard integration (Aus)

  • Single Database Architecture

  • Grid enhancement – set and save column layout

  • QAS Address validation

  • myEdOnline – integration and launch from menu

Compliance related improvements delivered

  • Single Touch Payroll (Aus)

  • Payday Reporting (NZ)

  • Roll Returns updates (NZ)

  • Student Census report (Aus)

  • ACARA student background data export (Aus)

  • Independent Schools Victoria SFO/SFE submission (Aus – VIC)

  • NAPLAN data export changes (Aus – ACT/NSW/NT/TAS)

  • QCAA Register New Students file export (Aus – QLD)

A focus on Customer Experience

Adding new features to Synergetic and modernising the technology platform will always be important but to truly meet the needs of our customers, we also continue to focus on all aspects of the Synergetic Customer Experience including our:

Support processes

  • Implemented Jira Service Desk to streamline customer support requests and accelerate responses

Community engagement and communication

  • Implemented Community Discourse to connect customers to the engineering and development teams

  • Ran regional community engagement events

  • Continued to invest in our Account Management team

  • Ongoing newsletter communications

Training offerings

  • Added workshops and eLearning to the training portfolio to give more scalable access to training

Best Practice and Compliance

  • Delivered Single Touch Payroll compliance for Australian customers

  • Data Analytics introduced using Power BI

  • Added ‘Confirmation of my details’ to ensure accurate and up-to-date parent and student records

Security and Privacy Consulting

“All of this work on the Synergetic product and our focus on delivering higher levels of Customer Experience, together with the opportunity presented by Cloud based, SaaS technologies, is building the foundation for the future of School Management systems for our customers.”

Simone Dawson, CEO, Synergetic Management Systems

Where to from here

As we near commencement phase for a feature, we will update the Roadmap with a link to a discussion topic within our Discourse website.

This topic will be the primary source for further information and interaction with our clients in relation to the feature.

We will use the Discourse topic to share design concepts, request feedback from clients and provide updates on scope and progress of the feature. Discourse is open to all Synergetic clients and their staff and we encourage users to consider creating a login and taking part in the community.

Please note: you must use your school domain email address in order to complete the registration process.

As each feature is completed, we will update the Roadmap to indicate this status. We will also place an indicator on the next scheduled feature, with link to discussion topic in Discourse.

Interested in learning more?

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