Our Professional Services team are keen to confirm you are getting the best out of your Synergetic software. The best way to achieve this is with a Synergetic ‘health check’ – a simple, full system audit that will highlight any gaps in feature utilisation.

Synergetic Feature usage Snapshot

Get the most out of Synergetic

Synergetic is a powerful system able to handle many businesses processes in schools. With the flexibility and extendibility of the system, many users may not be aware of some features that could significantly improve performance.

Benefits for your team

Simply put, your team will understand which parts of the Synergetic system can be better utilised to save time and increase productivity.

  • Increase the value of the currently licenced software

  • Find workflows that can be improved

  • Diagnose system roadblocks

  • Highlight features that can improve efficiency

  • Determine any useful system customisation

  • Identify staff professional development opportunities

The Process

Our experienced consultants follow the proven PDCA Cycle – a well-known methodology used for process improvement and problem solving.

  • Plan: Undertake a Synergetic ‘health check’ to discover underutilised features in your system. Our specialists provide recommendations with a Synergetic Snapshot.

  • Do: Professional Services provide a tailored blend of training, consultation and feature customisation to save your team time and increase the effectiveness of your system.

  • Check: Specialist consultants undertake a post-implementation review to check the results obtained with the chosen action plan.

  • Act: The Feature Usage Snapshot Report is compared to the desired outcomes and any fine-tuning takes place to ensure the success of the action plan.

Plan Do Check Act

Our Client Success champions

With a depth of understanding of the Synergetic system combined with expert knowledge in their field, our team are here to assist.

Steve Lynch
Steve LynchSoftware Consultant
Steve is an expert in Synergetic including modules, features & integration. A certified SQL Server Database Administrator with a background in systems engineering and network administration, Steve’s technical skills are in software architecture design, system security, high availability & performance tuning.
Emilie Webster
Emilie WebsterSoftware Application Finance Specialist
Emilie is a finance software application specialist and a leader in change implementation within the education sector. She is a teacher and mentor at Swinburne University with over 25 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry. Emilie focuses on getting the most out of Synergetic finance modules.

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Synergetic Snapshot

Synergetic consists of many modules, and version upgrades are continually released with new features.

This audit can be particularly helpful if you have been using Synergetic for some time as it details the licencing and utilisation status of various products & modules.

Report contains:

  • Modules and featured comprehensively used

  • Underutilised functionality

  • Items not currently licensed, but of future benefit

Where to from there?

The Synergetic Utilisation Snapshot is a starting point in a series of services that ensured continuous improvement of your Synergetic software.

Other Services

The following reports are generally recommended for clients running systems implemented over 12 months ago, if there are any specific performance or security concerns, or if there has been a changeover in any key staff using the system.

Synergetic Customisations Snapshot: Review the system for any custom database schema, reports or other customisations.
Synergetic Platform Snapshot: Assess the current server platform configuration to ensure best practice implementation with key focus on performance, high availability, platform security and maintenance.
•  Synergetic Technical Security Reviews: A deep dive analysis of security settings from a Synergetic application access perspective.

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