Synergetic is currently in the initial stages of a package of work to support a set of New Zealand government compliance requirements that will be required in early 2019.

New Zealand


There will be three key developments in this package of work, listed below for convenience.  We’ve included links to Discourse for each main change, so that you can review the detail further at your leisure and hopefully partake in further discussions within that space. We’d love to hear more from you with feedback and your thoughts on any questions we raise and to confirm that the changes we are planning will meet the needs for our NZ clients.

Timeframe for availability

Our product and development teams are heavily invested and working on these changes over the remainder of 2018 and start of 2019. It’s our target to make these available as part of a v69 feature update, from early February 2019.

We are planning for all these changes to be released as one cumulative v69 update, to minimise the number of upgrade cycles required for our NZ client base.

Preparation for these changes

  • Upgrade your environment to v68 by end of 2018

    As these changes are to be included in v69, there is a pre-requisite for clients to already be using v68 at minimum.

    As you may recall from several previous communications and newsletters, our v68 release is a more complex one than usual due to the move to a single database architecture.

    The move to v68 from earlier versions is one requiring planning ahead of time.

    It is important that you plan your v68 upgrade with adequate time for checking any related integrations and processes that rely on the Synergetic database and ensure everything is ‘good to go’ for the time of your production upgrade.  Upgrading your test environment first, and checking any necessary items is a great means of getting everything verified and ready.

    If you have already upgraded to Synergetic v68 in your production environment, then you are in a great position to be ready for the next move to v69. The move from v68 to v69 is quite straightforward.

    Of course, getting in early with a move to v69 is also a good idea, as you’ll have an even smaller upgrade and change management overhead when these features are released.

    If you are currently using an earlier version of Synergetic (v67) and you do not already have a booking lodged for v68, we strongly encourage you to contact our Service Desk to request this.

    Contact Service Desk

  • We support and encourage payroll staff to get familiar with the v69 interface changes

    Due to our work earlier in 2018 to support Australian Single Touch Payroll (STP), there have been several additions and adjustments to the Payroll screens – one example being the consolidation of end of pay processes into a workflow-based program called ‘Finalise Payroll’, which is now a standard screen.  It is suggested that for NZ clients using our payroll module, that you seek to organise your v69 upgrade with sufficient lead time to also enable your Payroll staff to familiarise themselves with these screen and process changes.

    See an example of this new screen (in relation to Australian STP use) here

  • Take part in the Synergetic Discourse forums

    To help us ensure that we’re delivering the right changes, and to help your staff be fully informed ahead of the upgrade, we encourage you to please review the Discourse discussions linked earlier. Please make sure your colleagues who will be impacted by these changes, also look and add feedback within the forum topics if desired.

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