It has been great to see so many users active in our growing community forum at Discourse­. We have put together this useful guide to get you started and to highlight some of the greatest elements of the forum.

Synergetic Discourse Community Forum

A quick guide to Discourse

Getting started

If you are new to discourse and would like an introductory overview, you can see our helpful tips.

Helpful Hints

Hot hint: If you would like in-app assistance, turn on the discobot helper. You will immediately earn more points and have a virtual assistant guiding you. Click on your profile picture to get started or check out the Discourse blog.

Who is Discobot?

Trust levels & votes

Discourse works on a system of trust, where participation in the forum earns you a higher trust level and therefore more votes. Get active in the community to get more clout!

More on voting

Feature requests

Users are voting for feature requests, which has been invaluable in developing the Synergetic product roadmap.

What’s the product roadmap?

The top voted feature request was for a MyDetails enhancement, where parents will soon be able to confirm their contact information in a given period.

View top voted features


You can also see for yourself what the current status of any of our projects is.

Projects in action

Crowd support

Users are also able to tap into the vast depth of knowledge that is the ‘crowd support’ forum. If you would like to collaborate with other Synergetic users to see how they are getting the most out of the software, there is a dedicated thread. Users can ask for input into their own processes and offer their support.

Get talking!

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