eLearning: The way forward

The response to our eLearning free trial has been amazing—thank you to all who have registered.

eLearning: The way forward

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We have 94 schools onboard (and over 400 registered users) and the number is climbing.

If you had a chance to complete or even browse through a course, we want to hear from you, so that we can really deliver what you need in 2019.

Feedback on eLearning

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Where to from here?

Those who opt to maintain their subscription into the new year will enjoy access to a growing list of courses from January onwards.

We plan on growing our library of learning, frequently adding new courses throughout 2019, offering you the best bang for buck.

We have prioritised more basic learning as a focus in our initial library of modules. This decision was based on feedback from our schools that inducting staff new to Synergetic would be of the most value at the start of the 2019 school year.

We are then focusing our energy into more advanced and complex modules as we move through 2019.

The best way to ensure that your professional learning requirements are known and that you influence learning design, please leave us your feedback.

New courses in 2019

For those continuing with our subscription-based offering in the New Year, you will receive a belated Christmas present to kick-start your professional learning in the way of a range of new courses as of January.

If you registered for the trial, check your email for instructions on how to proceed. If you have any questions, contact elearning@synergetic.net.au.

  • Absences and Attendances (ABAT)

  • Parent Teacher Interviews for Administrators (PTIFA)

  • Absences and Attendances for System Administrators (ABATFSA)

  • Action Centre for Administrators (ACFA)

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To see a list of all the available courses or to register, check out our eLearning space.


Subscription period Fee per user
1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 $95

Introducing eManuals

The launch of our new and popular eLearning package has been powered by myEdOnline. We are very excited to announce that we are extending our online learning offering and using the same platform to introduce eManuals.

eManuals offers you full and unlimited access to our full suite of up to date and version-controlled training manuals–your own complete training library to share with and build capability in your teams.

The library offers access to deep and detailed information, extending far beyond what our on-line help is designed for, giving you a gamete of tips and tricks that can’t be found elsewhere.

eManuals are available via subscription and allow you to access the full suite of training manuals 24/7.

By subscribing you will have access to each new release.

Register your interest at elearning@synergetic.net.au to learn more.

Access to all Synergetic eManuals Flat fee
The subscription service begins as at 1st January 2019. $996 (incl GST)