Synergetic eLearning is perfect for the independent learner. Gain valuable skills to save you time and effort via our online courses, videos and training manuals.

Available 24/7, learn at your own pace and convenience. Perfect for busy individuals who would like to tailor their training schedule to their timetable.

Courses are multimodal, containing video and text-based content. Set up as a series of modules—progress, pause, reflect and continue in your own time.

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Synergetic eLearning services


Study anywhere with an internet connection


Save on accommodation and transportation costs


Access 24/7 from any device


Progress at your own pace and time


Multimodal model offers different types of content


Tailor to your preferred learning style

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Synergetic eLearning is available by subscription at $95 (Inc. GST) per user per annum.

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eLearning modules are built with myEdOnline—a personalised learning platform to implement individualised learning at your school.

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Do you have a question about Synergetic eLearning? We may have already answered it for you.

How many people can use the 1 eLearning license/account?2019-04-16T22:37:35+00:00

Only the user attached to the account may use/access the myEd license/account. The license is non-transferrable.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription prior to the conclusion of the 12 months?2019-01-11T02:48:23+00:00

The subscription is for 12 months from 01 January through to 31 December. If you cancel your subscription prior to 31 December, no refund shall be issued.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?2019-01-11T06:39:31+00:00

Should you desire a Certificate of Completion, simply request one from Synergetic eLearning via elearning@synergetic.net.au.

Do I have to do all the courses?2019-01-11T02:49:08+00:00

No. You can pick and choose which courses you would like to do. You can even choose which quests within a course you would like to do. This is particularly useful when needing just a brush-up in a particular area.

Can I get a report of my staff’s progress within the courses?2019-01-11T02:49:28+00:00

Reports are not currently available but it is possible to check their progress by looking at their progression within a quest. Each quest displays a percentage of completion.

How can I provide feedback?2019-04-16T22:32:18+00:00

We value your feedback and would appreciate receiving feedback and testimonials. Please click here to leave your feedback.

Can I try before I buy?2019-10-04T05:31:13+00:00

The short answer is “yes”. Please contact elearning@synergetic.net.au to get setup.


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