Hear how we are tracking with our Client Experience Roadmap with updates from our client services and support teams here at Synergetic.

Update on Client Experience Roadmap

Update on progress

Client Engagement Department: Account Management

The Client Engagement team had the pleasure of meeting with Synergetic schools in the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and New Zealand in recent months. If we didn’t get a chance to meet with you, we hope to soon. Our team is endeavouring to reach out to more and more schools as we are continue to work towards our objective of providing clients with a convenient ‘touch point’ for customer engagement.

Behind the scenes, extensive planning has taken place, with a deep investment in generating quality customer experiences. We have the focus on improved strategy, operations, continuous improvement, engagement frameworks, processes and practices, collaborating with other departments, driving company policy and more.


Support initiatives are consistently progressing with many in the pipeline for implementation on future dates.
This is the biggest level of change we have undergone since moving to ServiceDesk. We are excited to progress projects like the ServiceDesk workflow in the coming month. The support team also continues to fine tune our structure to ensure the best possible result.

Our support projects are all planned with clients and our values in mind. Our commitment to transparent, open communication, will result in a more responsive and effective Support team.

We want to sincerely thank you for the feedback you provided thus far. We have found this invaluable to our planning and progress. We invite you to continue offering your advice from your experience, which we can use as a basis for continual improvement.

At a Glance

  • The ServiceDesk workflow is due to change in September and will come with updated documentation explaining new automation and statuses.

  • The Support team restructure is ongoing and has progressed with the hiring of more staff that are currently in training.

  • Ticket triage is constantly evolving with the needs of our clients. As with any new process, there are things to work out as we go.

  • New severity reporting (on a 1 to 10 scale of urgency) is on the way with the ServiceDesk workflow changes.

Consulting & Reports

The Consulting team has worked diligently to address some of the issues around standard reports. This long-term project will see the implementation of a variety of strategies to maintain traction in this space.

To provide increased transactional transparency and better communications, the team now submits our work logs at the conclusion of all jobs, ensuring accountability for any work completed.

In response to client requests, we are finalising some of the technical aspects around a Flexible Professional Services program. This will allow clients to purchase credits for professional services in bulk (including consulting, report development and bespoke training), negating the need for multiple purchase orders. We have also designed and implemented a more simplified pricing model.

To progress our capability for responsive service delivery, we have implemented a range of measures including finalising scripts to broaden our scope of usage assessments.

Our team has benefitted from professional development in the reports area and in response to the growing demand for our services, we plan on recruiting more resources and growing our team.

Training & Implementations

We are looking to extend our training offering with the relaunch of eLearning courses. This will enable us to reach more of our clients requiring training and professional development.

The team has been focusing on revising and updating all manuals, which will result in reviewed and refined user documentation.

We have been listening to customer feedback and as a result have delivered more roadshows, with plans to roll out many more in the coming months. In addition, we have trialled new technology for the simplified hosting of roadshows.

There has been a focus on the ‘Client Life Cycle’ management work and refinement of the project management framework.

Engineering (Systems & Development)

The Systems team is continuing to evolve practices and processes, such as the new Systems Service Desk to more quickly service requests. Upgrade checklists are in place and actively used by the team to ensure all steps and processes are carried out.

Activities centred on raising capability within the Systems area, such as improved process documentation, professional development and recruiting more resources, has been taking place.

The Development team are proud to announce two new insights into issues relating to your Synergetic install and invite any constructive feedback.

  • Defects in my (the client) version: displays all possible issues that may be affecting a specific build at https://bit.ly/2LWIeK0

  • Cross version release notes: allows clients to review what will be included when going from one specific build to another, at https://bit.ly/2CkRMPw