Chamil Fernando and Justin Zylstra are two Synergetic leaders with a passion for providing education software solutions to schools. The pair met at a Synergetic team bonding exercise and have been collaborating ever since, with an emphasis to bring the best outcomes for our schools.

Tim, Justin and Chamil

In good company

Chamil Fernando

Chamil Fernando

Chamil is a long-standing team member of Synergetic and is known for his endless patience, calm disposition and winning grin! With a depth of knowledge gained in 12 years, he’s ‘done the yards’ and it shows in his recent promotion to Chief Customer Officer.

With a solid start in the Support team, Chamil has an amazing range of knowledge of the Synergetic company and software from the ground up. The Chief Customer role is designed to inject quality and consistency into all things ‘client’.

Chamil will be investing his time into targeted leadership and high touch activities in our client facing areas—a big progression in order for us to deliver our client charter and Client Experience Roadmap.

His understanding of the unique circumstances faced by schools, coupled with his knowledge of the Synergetic application is invaluable and makes him an excellent resource for information.

His new and exciting role is a natural evolution for Chamil, with his number one passion and priority being our clients. With Synergetic being so dedicated to the client experience, and so many exciting projects and evolutions, Chamil is an outstanding advocate and agent of change for the benefit of our Synergetic community.

“Synergetic is a very close family in terms of how we operate… Seeing the change in the organisation over the last 12 years, I look back and think, wow, it’s been such a great experience.”

Chamil, Synergetic

In this video Chamil and Justin discuss their new roles and look at the future of the education sector

Justin Zylstra

Justin ZylstraJustin is quite new to Synergetic, but an old hand at providing excellence in customer service in the education sector. With a solid background in the information technology industry, he brings a new set of eyes and a ready laugh to the team.

Down to earth and an excellent communicator, Justin heads up the Solutions Team. Justin is highly energised by meeting the needs of schools and leveraging their success through collaboration, driven by integrity. Justin thrives on injecting value into schools, whether it be via a new implementation, offering a new module or coordinating professional services.

Justin is motivated by our clients ‘winning’ and is a passionate advocate and contributor to the account management space.

Acting as a mentor to the team, implementing new processes and procedures and always ready to hit the road to meet our clients, he an invaluable addition to the leadership team.

When talking with both these talented individuals, it is easy to see that they are dedicated to giving schools the best advice and always ready to assist their fellow team members, they are a great asset to Synergetic and to the schools they engage with.

Coming to Synergetic, it was a breath of fresh air. You are dealing with people, who deal with educators, who deal with students.

Justin, Synergetic

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